FEBRUARY 1, 2013

Hi, thanks for checking out our blog! Wow our first blog, who came up with the name blog anyway?

This is where you will find the latest and in-depth information about the global art project called ‘Peace in 10,000 Hands’.

We are on a mission to photograph 10,000 pairs of hands from all corners of the world all holding the same white rose, a universal symbol of peace and pure love. We will need help and support for the project and also help to secure some of the people we are wanting to photograph holding the rose.

No hand tells the same story, our hands bear witness to our daily choices and silently communicate our intimate life story everyday and identify us like no other part of our body.

The project is a journey for peace and growth across the globe, collecting and sharing inspiration and stories etched onto the hands of everyone photographed.

More info in our next blog for you including, how our month in India was and why a white rose.

Follow us on Facebook/peacein10,000hands and for regular updates and up to the minute action on the project.

Have a great week. Peace

PS Remember to make a difference, some one is counting on you.

- Written by FEBRUARY 1, 2013

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