FEBRUARY 2, 2013



I land in the city of 17 million people.  My first impression is India is fragrant, giving and desperate. A weird mix of relaxation, genuine thought and compassion mixed in with an under lying desperation both to deliver on a macro scale for the country and micro scale for the self. Anywhere half decent smells like Dettol (meaning we’ve cleaned it for you… ) and Kuros (a popular fragrance here) Outdoors in the poorer areas it is the intoxicating aroma of rubbish, , coal, dogs, monkeys, swirled with incense and a swirl of desperation. On one hand heart breaking and on the other (the kiwi hand) you see opportunity and hope everywhere, then again I don’t live under an old bin.


Make the most of tomorrow 😉


- Written by FEBRUARY 2, 2013

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