Shabbat in Rishikesh

FEBRUARY 15, 2013

I have spent time with a great group of Jewish people from Israel who are also staying here at the Ashram.  Every Friday they celebrate life with Shabbat (prayers, blessings, delicious Hallah bread, wine and candles).

So they found a place here in Rishikesh that hosts Shabbat for Jewish travellers and we all went along tonight.

So there are about 20 of us and we are all sitting outside under a thatched patio roof around rickety tables, the Rabbi is breaking the bread and blessing the delicious food and then there is a massive crack of thunder, the heavens open up and we all get drenched in a massive downpour of rain.  Very funny and a very memorable and soggy first experience of a Jewish tradition.

We are about an hours walk away from the Ashram we are staying at, so we find some rikshaws that agree to take us half way home and then all walk together in the pouring rain, puddles, little rivers running across our path. We walk across the wire bridge that takes you over the river Ganges which looks velvet smooth with the rain softening the ripples.

The streets are empty other than cows that huddle under every bit of shelter they can find, and the men who live on the street sleep on the highest doorsteps they can find.

It seems everyone here knows the drill when it rains.

- Written by FEBRUARY 15, 2013

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