London Town

JUNE 10, 2013

We’ve met some amazing people over here, from artists, the jobless, homeless and interesting strung out people on the street who designed clothes for Amy Winehouse to music producers and the English Cricket Captain. Lots of doors opening for us here…having many interesting discussions about Peace. 

At Abbey Road Studios with some young recording artists. Inspirational.

Met up with the talented Peter Gordon at his restaurant Providores to photograph the rose in his hands.

London is the loveliest I’ve ever seen it, warm days, blue skies and the perfect temperature.

We’ve met and photographed people from about 50 different countries in the world now and we are up to about 900 hands with the rose.

Have been really engaging people about what Peace means to them in their life and the project feels like it is starting to gain some good pace.

It is fascinating to hear what people have to say and just how personal and raw peace is for most people.  We’ve had everything from people telling us that peace means ‘silence’, ‘happiness within yourself’, ‘love’, ‘safety and family’, ‘absence of fear’ to people saying ‘its something everyone deserves and is worth fighting for’!

The global conversation is starting and we have a good collection of people following us on facebook.  We met a guy from Lebanon who’s family are living in Syria. he was one of the loveliest gentlest souls you have ever met and even though his English wasn’t great you could really see how much this project touched him.

We saw him again 3 days later and he said he had seen our faces in a vision that morning – it was very moving to see how much hope Peace in 10,000 Hands had given him.


- Written by JUNE 10, 2013

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