JUNE 16, 2013

California is sunny and warm, lots of Jacaranda trees in flower & the June gloom off the Pacific ocean keeps it cool on the coast in the mornings.

Making incredible connections and introductions to people and really propelling the project forward.  Last night we met and photographed Paul Oakenfold, who did a phenomenal set. Went to club #XIV (fourteen, ok I know) part of #sbe fame here. If you haven’t heard of them Google it, incredible – THE PLACE to be. Thanks Memphis and the team there for everything.

So much momentum building and people talking about the project.   Being introduced to a lot of Hollywood celebrities, musicians, producers who have said yes to being photographed with the rose and to support the project…which is just awesome.  Have a solid week of shooting planned with some great people, LA has really responded to helping the project in a really amazing way. Special thanks James, legend, thank you so much.

Peace Stu


- Written by JUNE 16, 2013

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