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Each of our actions and thoughts have a subtle yet profound ripple effect.

We are responsible for and have the ability to choose how we influence that ripple.

Stu Robertson Artist on the road, copyright Peace in 10,000 Hands 2014

We each have the power to affect the universal collective consciousness of all living beings in the way we choose to approach and breathe through each moment, each day, a choice in the way we treat our fellow human beings.

That’s where you can come in.

Please help us take Peace in 10,000 Hands; and move it into the hearts and minds of the world.Stu on the road in Iraq, copyright Peace in 10,000 Hands 2014

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We are entirely self funded, the sale of artworks go 100% towards completing the project.

We are currently working towards more museum and gallery shows around the world.  

We rely on recommendations and help from incredible people all over the world to connect us with people, institutions to further the project and propel the conversation.  So if you are someone or connected with someone who you think could help propel the project forward, whether it’s a museum show, a potential sponsorship partner, an introduction to a global leader with peace interests or a place to stay! please get in touch.  It’s only two of us, so if it takes us a while to respond, that’s why 🙂

Thank you for your time,


Stu and Semele Robertson