Charity Exhibitions

In August 2013, our first Peace in 10,000 Hands charity prints were donated and exhibited at Gusford Art Gallery on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles for the exhibition ‘Art with a Heart’. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the Peace in 10,000 Hands art works was donated to ‘Human Rights Watch’.

Throughout the duration of the Peace in 10,000 Hands project and for years after, a selection of powerful photographic images will be produced and released as limited edition archival quality photographic prints from every region we visit.

These limited edition prints will always be donated to carefully chosen charities and not for profit organizations for that region and will not be included in the final global Peace in 10,000 Hands Collection Art Project.

We will look for a sponsor for each of these regional charity exhibitions to cover the costs of production and exhibiting the artworks so that 100% of the proceeds from prints sold can be donated to the chosen charity for that region.

Our aim is to create a lasting conversation for peace, to generate many millions of dollars to support organizations that focus on educating children on how to apply tolerance and knowledge to build a more peaceful world.  We are always looking for charities to work with and support from each region that we visit.  If you know of any charities who are actively working towards peace that you would like to recommend to us please email us with their details.